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Going Cheap Costs You More
Coke did it with Pepsi. Apple did it with Microsoft. Now AdToons is doing it with marketing videos so you can observe an apples-to-apples comparison between an imitation and the real thing.

Here is our own side-by-side experiment. (See video right)

Take a look at our competition on the left and the AdToons video on the right. This is the same exact audio file simply visualized differently. Notice the difference between the two? Let me point out a few of the many things that make ours unique.

Look at the difference in conceptual imagery used to tell the story. Our idea was to "pull the head off" so to speak, to show you what goes on inside the mind...literally. Our competition uses lots of "stock" art, thought bubbles, and poor quality artwork. If have ever seen a website designed with stock photos, you understand how they cheapen the look of a website. It's the same for this style of videos. Which is more intriguing to you? Which looks more professional?

They use a photo of a hand. If it's digitized like this, we have seen instances where the software-style video actually decreases results.

We have full-time, real artists. This human element and connection with the viewers is authentic and it's what keeps people sticking around to the very end. Your brand comes to life in a entirely unique way.

Watch this video to experience the AdToons difference

Not too long ago, someone came back to us after going with a cheaper option previously. He wanted us to discount our pricing the second time around because they had invested in a previous "cheaper" option and then were going to redo it again with us. Their "other option" didn't lift results the way AdToons is known to do.

I politely "declined" and simply said, "If only you had selected us the first time, this would have been cheaper in the long run."

Add up the fact that prospects pass up your offer because of the quality of the video, and the fact you have wasted time and energy to produce the project, and bottom line, you LOSE money going on the cheap. Good-quality videos, like AdToons, actually end up being cheaper because you only have to invest one time by getting the job done right the first time.

How the Process Works
Who do you trust your results with
Here is the main single thing that separates us from our competition. The amateur marketers believe that every whiteboard video is created the same. The gurus know the agency to come to for trusted results with their lead-generating videos. We are the only agency to have a documented 353% return on investment for video that led to millions of dollars in sales for our client.  And still runs to this day.

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from using AdToons Videos split test results

A Few Words from Our Clients
Some Viral Proof
If you handed me a dollar and I handed you back 245 big ones, would that make you happy?

In just a few weeks, our promo video on Facebook reached over 116,000 views. See the Facebook ad to the right.

This is an ad, mind you, that is generating 1 cent a view. It had a relevance score (Facebook rewards you by how well the ad does with its audience, so you pay less) on Facebook of 9/10. Pretty uncommon. We also have 144 shares so far… which is mind-blowing considering it’s an AD!

Here’s the bottom line – If you are not capitalizing on the AdToons whiteboard craze, get in now. 

Oh, and the ROI on our viral video is amazing… We received a 245% return on our investment in the ad. Not to mention, we have added to our social proof with all the LIKES and comments.
Our History

Vince (and his large pencil) on stage speaking about the power of AdToons videos
In 2005, AdToons was born.
At the time, it was the only ad agency that focused exclusively on cartoon ads. AdToons' client base ranges from small business owners all the way up to NASDAQ.

The Godfather of Cartoon Marketing, Vince Palko.

Vince is the founder of AdToons, a business he started in his basement with a vision of sparking a cartoon-marketing revolution.  Vince wrote The Art of Selling Using Cartoons in 2006.  Today, Vince speaks to thousands of people about the power of AdToons to generate millions of dollars for businesses by using cool and unusual cartoon marketing techniques that result in higher conversion rates compared to traditional marketing videos.

Our Visual "Back Story"
made for the movie screen
 What People Are Saying
“We worked with the AdToons team to produce an animated promotional video about the Small Box Energy chameleon™ system at engenuity.com. We couldn’t be happier with the results! The team was professional and easy to work with throughout the entire process of creation and editing. And now we use the video for multiple applications like our email signature, website, Tradeshow booth and educational presentations!”
Tracy Markie, Small Box Energy
“Hi Vince. I just wanted to give you some feedback. I posted my AdToons Video on LinkedIn yesterday. It has in 24 hours received 2000 views and lots of excellent comments. It's also been shared by many, many people on Twitter and other social media outlets. The feedback has been positive! Thank you very much for the great work. You were flexible. Responsive. Accommodating. And professional. It was a pleasure working with you.”
Stephen Shapiro, Speaker and Trainer
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